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How to Build Wealth in Yourself and Your Community

How to build wealth   Women are generally paid less than their male counterparts, are often the primary caregivers for children and aging parents and are heavily targeted by advertisers. Sound familiar to anyone in the LGBTQ community? So, how can we all build wealth to level the playing field? Hear the benefits of building … Continued

5 Simple Steps to Financial Forgiveness

How to forgive yourself for financial mistakes Feeling guilty when you make a money mistake isn’t necessarily bad. It means you care. But some of us get stuck in a shame spiral that impacts our mental health and stops us from making progress. Here are 5 steps to financial forgiveness. Hear 5 tips to financial … Continued

Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA

What retirement plan is right for you Only 27% of LGBTQ individuals claim to be participating in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. If we want a fabulous life well into our golden years, we must invest in a retirement account—and two of our options are the traditional and Roth IRAs. Let’s compare Traditional IRA vs Roth … Continued

What Makes LGBT Military Finances Unique?

The shocking thing about LGBT military finances Seventy-seven of military service members are stressed about money. One-third don’t pay all their bills on time, and 58% carry credit card debt (compared to 34% of everyone else). Hear what’s even more surprising about LGBT military finances on this Queer Money®. To work with Mike or anyone … Continued

5 Essential Gay Couples Money Tips

Having the couples money talk How soon should you have the couples money talk? We know that financial stress can have a negative impact on our relationships, while healthy money conversations can strengthen a couple’s connection—and even lead to better gay sex! Hear the best ways to discuss couples money: Talking money with your partner … Continued

5 Useful Tips to Overcome Financial Anxiety

Is financial anxiety affecting your life? Do you feel like a deer in headlights when it comes to money? You are not alone. Nearly 70% of the LGBTQ respondents in our poll said they feel financial anxiety on a regular basis. How do we get un-stuck and overcome the overwhelm that is holding us back? … Continued

What Your Personal Spending Analysis Reveals to You

Your personal spending analysis If you’ve never done a personal spending analysis, you should! Like most of us, you’ll be shocked when you find out where all your money’s going. Hear the nitty-gritty details of a personal spending analysis The big win of doing a personal spending analysis If you’ve never done a personal spending … Continued

How to Overcome Workplace Disability Issues

Understanding workplace disability issues  Are you taking full advantage of ALL your workplace benefits? If you experienced workplace disability issues, would you be protected? Hear the in’s and out’s of workplace disability issues: Understanding workplace disability issues and insurance  Dr. Kristin Tugman is the Vice President of Customer Analytics and Consultation at Prudential Financial. Her … Continued