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Our 9 favorite gay travel apps 

Our favorite gay travel apps  Being recently geoliberated – yep, our term – we’re currently consumed with gay travel apps to aid our gay travel. Here are our favorites and the planner that helps us plan more gay travel. Gay travel apps to travel more and spend less Walk into any room filled with a … Continued

LGBTQ Adoption Options

Your inclusive adoption options Adoptions for LGBTQ families is not yet as seamless or on par with adoption for straight families. Here’s everything LGBTQ people who want to grow their families should know about inclusive adoption options. Adrienne Elliott of Adoption Options “It shouldn’t matter what your lifestyle is. It should [be a] matter of, … Continued

7 Simple Christmas Cocktail Party Tips

Planning your Christmas cocktail party On this Queer Money™, we’re talking about throwing a festive yet frugal Christmas cocktail party tips. We’re sharing seven simple tips for a fabulous Christmas cocktail party to throw the biggest party of the season on the smallest budget. Get the $99 Holiday Cocktail Party Grocery List here. Throwing your … Continued

Everything about Credit Scores Explained for You

Credit scores explained What is a credit score? How does it impact your ability to secure a loan or rent an apartment? What are the best strategies for improving your credit score to save tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime? Listen to get all your questions about credit scores explained. LGBTQ community and … Continued

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need Business Valuations

Why business valuations for LGBTQ entrepreneurs can build generational wealth One thing the LGBTQ community lacks is a strategy for building generational wealth. To do that and to make sure our small businesses last longer than we do, LGBTQ small businesses must perform business valuations. Business valuations for entrepreneurs If you’re a small business owner, … Continued

Navigating Gay Divorce Without Going Broke

Navigating gay divorce Now that we have marriage equality in the US, same-sex couples are dealing with a new phenomenon— gay divorce. There are serious emotional and financial ramifications that our community needs to consider should their gay marriage end in gay divorce. Navigating gay divorce with straight divorcees Kayla Sloan and Shanah Bell are … Continued

LGBT Healthcare 411 Under the Evolving ACA

LGBT Healthcare Concerns are Real There’s a lot of noise surrounding the Affordable Care Act, and that makes it hard to distinguish truth from partisan rhetoric. A recent Policygenius survey regarding the ACA reveals that literacy around the law—and health insurance in general—is distressingly low. Where can we go for accurate information as open enrollment … Continued

Queer Money™ Facebook Group Questions

Queer Money™ Questions Answered Every once in a while, we mix things up a bit on Queer Money™. This week is one of those weeks. Queer Money™ this week is all about your questions. We’ve taken 3 questions from the Queer Money™ Facebook group and are sharing our thoughts with you on these 3 topics. … Continued

6 Tips to Write Your Best Self-Assessment EVER

Slaying Your Self-Assessment Interested in getting a promotion at work or a hefty raise? Your best bet is to sell yourself by way of an exceptional, well-written self-assessment. But how do you prove that you reached your performance goals? What is the best verbiage to use? How much should you write? Today on Queer Money, … Continued

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